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Gourmet restaurant Maine et Loire

Norman travelers

Chef Stéphane Rouville and his wife Catherine have settled in Saumur to found La Table du Château Gratien, a gourmet restaurant in Maine et Loire. Originally from Normandy, they have worked in many establishments from the Basque Country to Paris, Monaco, Le Gard and Florida. They will also have the honor of receiving a Michelin star for their restaurant La Galupe in Urt.

As a true enthusiast, Chef Rouville forges his own culinary identity while working on knowledge, technique, rigor and respect for taste and products. The chef is keen on doing his markets and goes to meet the producers to get the best products. This is an approach that he has had for more than 30 years, and is the basis of his cuisine.

A renewed cuisine focused on the product

The chef’s cooking is centered on the product, his wish is to work it by sublimating it, without upsetting its base to obtain a gastronomic and purified cooking. A know-how whose watchword is the respect of flavors and ingredients.

The menu is short but constantly renewed according to the seasons, the chef’s discoveries and his favorites. Come and discover this refined cuisine and let yourself be guided by a carefully prepared menu!

An exceptional setting

La Table du Château Gratien is ideally located on the banks of the Loire. The castle, built in the 19th century, is located two minutes from downtown Saumur, in the heart of the park of Gratien & Meyer composed of hundred-year-old trees.


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